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Our friend Ben from BangBang wanted me to share his creation with my readers: the limited edition ADC/DAC tee! Here are the details from the BangBang website:

“Perfect for nerding out at NAMM or generally just showing off your audio nerditude whether you are in the studio or out of it. This shirt is printed on a comfy black American Apparel Tee locally in Brooklyn NY.

This is a limited edition. We are taking pre-orders till September 1st and all orders will ship after that date.”

That’s right, there are only a couple more weeks to order, so make sure to get yours before they’re gone forever! Get it here!


If you thought the Janko keyboard was crazy, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The Chromatone keyboard looks more like a computer keyboard than a musical one. The keys are set up in sort of a hexagonal pattern, much like one of the screens on Roger Linn’s Linnstrument. The set up is the same as a Janko, a semitone up for each row, but in a much closer configuration. Here’s a lovely demo video by Youtube user nigirizushi3, who gets all Stevie Wonder on the Chromatone (sadly, they don’t make the red version of this keyboard anymore):

I have just discovered that there’s a Chromatone iPad app too! You know I’ll be checking that one out, and I’ll let you know what I think! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Hey, did you miss me? We’ve been regrouping and stepping things up a bit, and there are some exciting BIM events coming up, so stay tuned! Expect a few more weeks of spotty posting as I gather all that stuff together. I’m working on more ways to bring you original content, although today, I had to share the Janko keyboard. Because, wow. It’s crazy.

I suppose it would be easy if it were the first keyboard you learned on, but for those of us who started on a standard piano, the Janko is mind-blowing. From the Wikipedia entry: “Each vertical column of keys is a semitone away from its neighboring columns, and on each horizontal row of keys the interval from one note to the next is a whole step. This key layout results in all chords and scales having the same “shape” on the keyboard with the same fingerings regardless of key, unlike a traditional keyboard, which require twelve different patterns of each key.” So for someone with small hands like me, it’s ideal- I can stretch to a ninth, but definitely no further. Here’s a video that shows how the Janko keyboard works (and includes an excellent rendition of one of my favorite classics, “Kitten on the Keys”):

If you think that’s nuts, stay tuned- tomorrow I’ll feature the Chromatone Keyboard, which is all made up of a bunch of little hexograms. You’ll see. Crazy.

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Thanks to the nice folks at Matrixsynth for sharing this great video of a guitar-like MIDI controller. Smomid stands for “string modeling MIDI device,” and was built by Nick Demopoulos especially for guitar/bass players who don’t know their way around a keyboard. It seems to be extrememly responsive, and the overall look is very 70s-sci-fi-cool! Have a look (be careful-there are some major ear-piercing high harmonics in this video, so be ready to pull out those earbuds):

Here’s another video from before the groovy “Logan’s Run” paint job:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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